Including call out fees (Palma +20km) or at our offices.

The mentioned offers apply for passenger cars and normal dirt, + 20% for off-road vehicles and + 30% for Vans/Pick-ups.

All prices plus 21% I.V.A.

Discounts for major customers from 3 cars per month

  • 3 Personal car - 10%
  • 5 Personal car - 15%
  • 8 Personal car - 20%
  • from 10 Personal car - 25%
Nano sealing + 199,- €
3 years guarantee on polish level, paint depth and appearance of new cars. 1 1/2 years of guarantee on used cars.
Programm 1
Hand wash
from 69,- €

Fundamental for a good paint conditioning. Thorough cleaning of the car by hand with paint conserver, eliminating insects and washing-off sand, salt and dirt from wheel arches. Eliminating brake dust and dirt from rims.
Programm 2
Glass coating
from 59,- €

Intensive pre-cleaning of the window. Application of coating. The contained silicium particles now blend with the glass on a molecular basis, creating an extremely flat surface.
Programm 3
Interior cleaning light
from 39,- €

Hoovering interior and boot. Cleaning window in- and outside. Care lotion treatment of plastic parts and armature. Ashtray cleaning by high pressure.
Programm 4
Special interior cleaning
from 99,- €

Cleaning all door coverings and treating them with a care lotion or rather leather creme. Cleaning door sealings keeping them smooth with rubber milk. Cleaning door frames and door steps and conserving them with hard wax. Carpets, seats, fabric coverings and hat rack such as fabric roofliner and any other fabric parts are shampooed by hand and are afterwards impregnated with a dirt repellent upholstery protective film. The dashboard and any other plastic parts are cleaned and kept elastical with special cleaning products. After we cleaned the passengers compartment it looks like one of a new car with a totally new indoor climate.
Programm 5 (incl. P1)
3 layer polishing with gloss GUARANTEE
from 169,- €

Polishing is art, and the way towards the perfect polish is a sensible craft. Specialists analize the paint and hence choose an individual treatment for their cars. On demand, based on the nano technology. Hand wash, eliminating tar splashes from the lower part of the vehicle. Crome care, eliminating rust deposits. Cleaning all plastic and rubber parts from the outside and treating them with a speacial lotion. Polishing car body mechanically, removing superficial and deeper scratches. Cleaning door entrances and frames, conserving them with a hard wax. Protecting the cars paint with a 2 compound sealing. Cleaning windows (exterior).
Programm 6 (only in combination with programm 5)
6 layer polishing with high gloss GUARANTEE
+ 99,- €

The same as programm 5 plus a complete pre-polishing with special sanding paste for old, dull and weatherd paint, or car-wash scratches to bring back the paints original gloss.
from 79,- €

Ragtop impregnation. Only in combination with programm 5 or 6.
Ozone treatment - only in combination with programm 4
from 149,- €

Elimination of nicotine, animal or other unpleasant odours.
Programm 1 + 3
Small parcial cleaning
from 99,- €

Basic care
Programm 1 + 3 + 5
Basic conditioning
from 199,- €

This cleaning package includes a 3 layer polishing and the interior cleaning "light" inluding boot and spare wheel.
Programm 1 + 4 + 5
Complete cleaning
from 249,- €

This cleaning package includes the 3 layer polishing, the "special" interior cleaning inluding boot and spare wheel. The result complies with a new car - wait and see.
Nano sealing + 199,- €